Coincidence, similarity of completely different things, personal objects and creatures, both external and internal, has long been noticed by people. The saying “dogs look like their owners” comes as no surprise, although no one would emphasize such visual parallels without reference to the situation.


A pet, a favorite thing, other familiar or unusual objects - a person has a constant contact with them in one way or another. Michael Landy, a young British artist performed Break Down with 7227 personal objects involved. But there are still public spaces where a person comes into contact with even more items.

For him, they are all separate positions in a long list.
In a series called Items, Valery Romanov explores the relationship between a person and the objects in his hands, trying to understand whether such “meeting” is accidental or regular.

In the case with pets the psychological addiction that has developed over a long joint communication can be the reason for the coincidence, but in the case with random objects, mainly called mass consumption, the «grind» cannot happen. What is the reason? They say like calls to like. But what hides behind this phrase? Inconscient copying? Or is it really just a random event where all the factors formed a single composition?
feat. Милан Радисич (@Milan.Radisics), Бокситовая руда, 2019. Россия, декабрь 2020 Золотая черепаха, Россия